The Dalmore goes to sea

The Dalmore goes to sea

The Dalmore has announced a landmark opportunity to experience the brand at sea on board the world’s only ocean liner, Queen Mary 2. 
Rob Allanson

07 June 2019

Publication: Issue 160

Guests will be able to book the new whisky experience on board Queen Mary 2 between Southampton and New York. At the same time, an exclusive whisky experience will be offered on board during the Transatlantic Crossing.

The ‘whisky flight’ is a popular way to sample a selection of single malt whiskies. The Dalmore has developed a series of distinctive flights at various locations across the world, including the recent 100 Years of The Dalmore, available at The Bacarrat Hotel, New York.

The Dalmore master distiller, Richard Paterson, said that The Dalmore is celebrated in iconic locations around the world.

He added: “We see celebrations of The Dalmore at Bacarrat Hotel New York, at 40,000 feet on board Emirates First Class, and now an opportunity to savour the Cunard whisky flight at 28 knots.

“To journey to New York City, surrounded by the definitive style and elegance of Cunard, will truly be very special indeed. Cunard’s story has important chapters here in Scotland. The birthplace of iconic Cunard ships that launched on the Clyde, to then sail the world.”

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