The Deacon blended whisky released by Sovereign Brands and Pernod Ricard

The Deacon blended whisky released by Sovereign Brands and Pernod Ricard

The Deacon is a premium blended Scotch whisky featuring single malts from Speyside and Islay

04 February 2023

Wine and spirits company Sovereign Brands has launched a Scotch whisky in partnership with Pernod Ricard.

The Deacon, Sovereign Brands' first foray into the whisky category, is a blended Scotch whisky which includes single malt spirits from Islay and Speyside. It is bottled at 40% ABV and comes in an embossed copper bottle, insipred by the copper pot stills found in many Scotch whisky distilleries.

The whisky's name is said by Sovereign Brands to come from a Scots meaning of the word 'deacon' – to be proficient in a particular craft or trade.

Sovereign Brands CEO Brett Berish, who co-founded the company in 1999 with brother Brian, said: "We’ve lent our disruptive style to our first Scotch whisky, creating a premium and compelling product that is like nothing else on the market. We’ve moved away from traditional labelling and bottle design with a metallic copper package and an unorthodox label. Most importantly, this is the most well-balanced, complex but drinkable taste profile. It is layered but smooth, making The Deacon a whisky that is made to be enjoyed."

Based in New York City, Sovereign Brands is a producer and distributor of wines and spirits with a portfolio including Luc Belaire sparkling wine, Bumbu rum, and McQueen and the Violet Frog gin. Its brands have attracted celebrity ambassadors and supporters including Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and DJ Khaled.

Pernod Ricard bought a minority stake in the company in 2021, which it increased "significantly" in October last year.

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