The Great Scotland Yard Hotel relaunches with hidden whisky bar

The Great Scotland Yard Hotel relaunches with hidden whisky bar

You’ll find Síbín behind a false bookcase in the recently relaunched five-star London hotel

26 March 2022

An 1820s Grade II-listed building with Edwardian and Victorian architecture, The Great Scotland Yard Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel and part of the Hyatt Group. It officially launched earlier this month, having briefly opened before the pandemic following a £120 million rebuild and subsequently closed during lockdown.

Síbín [pronounced 'shebeen'] is the hidden whisky bar concealed behind a bookcase in the London hotel. It aims to provide “a fresh and inclusive approach to the world of whisky through a carefully curated and ever-changing selection,” with drams, cocktails, food pairings and more on offer.

The bar’s decor features artwork from the likes of Alastair Mackie, Belinda Frikh and Cornelia Parker RA, creating a “glamorous and sultry atmosphere”.

Sholto Smith, general manager of The Great Scotland Yard Hotel, commented, “We’re delighted to welcome whisky and cocktail enthusiasts to Síbín. The perfect spot for an after-work drink or even a late-night soirée, Síbín functions as a sophisticated haven for a heart-to-heart, and remains dedicated to premium, heritage whiskies.”

Síbín’s Westminster home sports much history – the hotel building originally housed the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police, before being taken over by the Ministry of Defence and used as the recruitment office during both World Wars. Conversely, or perhaps appropriately, the name ‘Síbín’ evokes those who have not toed the legal line – the Irish term means ‘illicit whisky’, and once referred to clandestine clubs selling excisable alcoholic drinks without a licence.

Síbín is open 5:30 pm to 1 am, Thursday to Sunday.

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