The Irishman Whiskey supports new podcast series on the global Irish diaspora

The Irishman Whiskey supports new podcast series on the global Irish diaspora

Irish historian Turtle Bunbury explores its impact during the first golden era of Irish whiskey

22 March 2022

Launching its 2022 St Patrick’s Day activities, Walsh Whiskey’s The Irishman Whiskey brand announced its sponsorship of a new podcast exploring Irish history. Turtle Bunbury’s Global Irish podcast series, which aired its first episode on 14 March 2022, tells tales of adventurous Irish characters whose lives coincided with the first golden era of Irish whiskey in the 18th to early 20th century.

Turtle Bunbury – prolific Irish historian, author of twenty published books, and frequent figure on Irish television and radio – says he is hosting the new podcast series for the 80 million people of Irish heritage around the world. The Irish diaspora has long dwarfed the population of Ireland itself, which is currently at 6.5 million.

The first episode tells the story of Hercules Mulligan (1740–1825), the Irish tailor and patriot spy who saved George Washington’s life not once, but twice, while the second, which came out on 18 March, is about explorer Ernest Shackleton. Future episodes will feature such luminaries as ‘Angel of the Cassiar’ Nellie Cashman and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

In addition to the podcast, Turtle Bunbury and Bernard Walsh, founder and managing director of Walsh Whiskey, have announced a free Facebook Live event at 7pm GMT on Wednesday, 6 April 2022. In front of a roaring fire in Bunbury’s childhood home of Lisnavagh House, County Carlow, the two will explore historical Irish characters while sampling expressions from The Irishman’s range of single malts.

Commenting on the origins of the podcast series, Bunbury said, “I’ve always been very passionate about the subject of the Irish abroad, and the impact they have made on history. I was a travel writer for many years, and I always looked for Irish connections wherever I went. I was never disappointed. I adore telling these tales through the medium of podcasts, and I am thrilled to work with The Irishman, a delightful portfolio of whiskeys produced in my own home county of Carlow.”

Walsh added, “Turtle has curated a wonderful cast, whose lives coincided with the original golden era of Irish whiskey from the 18th to early 20th centuries, for us to explore. They all lived extraordinary lives by the standards of any century, begging the question - were their exploits shaped by Irish spirit or the spirit of the Irish? We hope listeners of the podcasts will join us both in spirit and with spirit!”

The Global Irish podcast will be available weekly across all podcast platforms, including Spotify, A-Cast, Audible, and Apple Podcasts, as well as on The Irishman social media channels, the Walsh Whiskey website, and Turtle Bunbury’s website.

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