The sunshine spirit

The sunshine spirit

While it has always been Whisky Magazine's remit to celebrate the great whiskies of the world,we have long realised thatthere are other great spirits out there which whiskylovers either alreadydrink or might be interested\rin learning more about.It makes perfect sense therefore for Whisky Magazineto devote space to rum.
Rob Allanson

08 September 2008

Publication: Issue 74

In this mini supplement Dave Broom (whose book on rum won the Glenfiddich award) will take you through how it is made,where it comes from and give some notion as to where rum is now going.We’ve even thrown in a tasting of 19 different rums to give you lovely whisky drinkers a practical steer on what to try as you start to explore this rich and varied category.Pour yourself a tot and enjoy.

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