Tomatin releases 50 Years Old distillery bottling

Tomatin releases 50 Years Old distillery bottling

Tomatin has announced the release of its first 50 year old single malt
Phoebe Calver

17 December 2018

The single malt was distilled on 24 November 1967 and following 50 years of maturation, Tomatin has produced 70 bottles at an ABV of 45.3%.

Stephen Bremner, managing director of Tomatin, said: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Tomatin’s oldest expression – the Tomatin 50 Years Old. This special expression has been quietly resting for half a century, and it is wonderful to see it presented in all its glory.”

The whisky is contained in a Glencairn crystal decanter and each comes with a numbered book, hand-signed by distillery manager, Graham Eunson.

Eunson said: “This dignified expression is elegant and flavourful – a complex whisky with layers of taste sensations to delight the senses. Those privy to a taste of this whisky can expect warming spices which are mellowed by lashings of Manuka honey.”

The Tomatin 50 Years Old is the distillery’s oldest expression and is expected to retail at £10,000 for a 70cl bottle in the UK within specialist retailers.

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