Vintage Orkney

Vintage Orkney

Rob Allanson

22 January 2010

Publication: Issue 85

Highland Park has launched the 1964 and 1968 expressions from the distillery’s new Orcadian Vintage Series.The success of Highland Park’s 40 Years Old, the 30 Years Old before it and the distillery’s impressive climb in exports during the last four years has enabled the award winning distillery to address the demand for exclusive bottlings for the premium connoisseur customer.During the next five years Highland Park will release upto 10 Vintage limited editions.Max McFarlane, Highland Park’s whisky maker will handselect casks from specific years, based on their maturity and exceptional character; these will be married together in order to ensure consistency and balance.Jason Craig, global controller of Highland Park said: “We have worked tirelessly to take the Vintages from the initial concept to reality and we are pleased with the end result. Followers of Highland Park respect and trust our instinctive nose and tastings and the Vintages certainly meet our high standards.“We have used the best craftsmanship and time old traditions to create the ’64 and the ’68 and feel very excited at being able to offer discerning whisky lovers from across the world a very exclusive Highland Park tasting experience. Buyers will recognise our all-pervading obsession with quality and attention to detail; distinct aromas balanced with a full-bodied floral sweetness that comes from a long-term maturation that is distinct to Highland Park.”

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