Whisky broker launches investment guide

Whisky broker launches investment guide

Mark Littler’s Whisky Bottle Investment Guide aims to help budding investors understand the market and its risks

27 September 2021

With increasing interest in rare whisky bottles as an investment, a whisky broker has launched what is billed as the first-ever comprehensive guide to help educate budding investors.

The 80-page Whisky Bottle Investment Guide has been created by Mark Littler to “cut through the hyperbole and bust some of the whisky investment myths” that have developed in recent years around a market where bottles can be sold for more than £1 million.

The Guide introduces new investors to the fundamentals of the whisky market and its history, the basics of indexes and where to find data for market analysis, and how perceptions of whisky have changed. It also promises to teach the investor how to beat the bots and flippers to avoid overpaying for bottles.

Littler’s forthcoming Collectors And Investment Report looks at specific and prized rare bottles, examining the historic returns for each whisky and the likelihood that the growth seen previously will continue. The Report discusses how one relatively recent bottle of The Macallan has risen in value by almost 5,000% in just six years, suggesting a bubble is developing around that sought-after release.

Littler, who specialises in the valuation, sale and acquisition of rare whisky bottles and casks, prominently helped 28-year-old Matthew Robson secure a deposit for a house following the sale of a collection of The Macallan for £44,000 in 2020. His Guide explores in detail the difference between vintage and modern bottles, with Littler highlighting how some rare modern bottles have seen what he calls an unsustainable, ‘stratospheric change in value’.

Littler comments: “While many people prefer...to drink their whisky, there’s no doubt that the industry is making more products designed specifically to appeal to the collector and investor… The problem is that there has been very little in-depth and practical education around this topic… At the same time, there has been a lot of hype around investing in rare whisky bottles and this...puts collectors and investors at risk of making misguided investments.”

Whisky expert Blair Bowman, who has written recently about the risks around whisky investment, said: "Mark has created an incredibly comprehensive guide on investing in whisky bottles...an excellent reference for anyone looking to learn more about building a whisky collection."

The Whisky Bottle Investment Guide is available to download for free here.

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