Whisky Highball Day launching on 22 July

Whisky Highball Day launching on 22 July

Larkfire, wild water for whisky, has announced the launch.

21 July 2022

Larkfire has announced the launch of the official Whisky Highball Day, which will be celebrated 22 July.

The day will be a world’s first for celebrating whisky highball cocktail, with the aim of bringing together whisky lovers to celebrate its versatility.

The specifics of highball’s inception are unknown, however its rumoured to have been created in the US during the 1890’s. It’s typically made up of whisky, ice and sparkling water.

Larkfire Managing Director, James McIntosh, said the following on the inspiration behind the day; “We wanted to create a national day that celebrated the simplest, yet most diverse way of drinking whisky. Whisky is a drink that is seen by many as a drink with rules. It conjures up images of leather back chairs, smoky rooms and being scorned for even daring to add a mixer to the drink. Our aim is to support the thousands of whisky producers and millions of whisky drinkers who want to enjoy the drink their way.”

Whisky fans are being encouraged to share their highball serves across their social media, with the hashtag #WHD22 strongly favoured, as well as tagging @whiskyhighballday on Instagram.

There a variety of different recipes for all kinds of highballs, including the Classic Highball, for which can be found below as supplied by Larkfire:

• Grab your whisky of choice
• Fill a tall glass with ice
• Add 35ml Whisky
• Top with Larkfire Sparkling
• Add a slice of lemon

More information can be found on the Whisky Highball website, which includes a countdown clock to the 22 July, as well as further information on the day, all of which can be found here.

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