White Wine Cask Edition Single Malt unveiled by Tamnavulin

White Wine Cask Edition Single Malt unveiled by Tamnavulin

The whisky is released following the previous red wine editions from the Speyside distillery

26 April 2022

Speyside distillery Tamnavulin have announced their latest creation, Tamnavulin White Wine Cask Edition – following on from the Red Wine Cask Editions.

The producer has described the whisky as having signature orchard green apple notes on the nose, with banana, ripe honeydew melon and white peach. The mouthfeel is described as lemon, grapefruit and bake apple tart with the finish soft, sweet and fruity.

With an RRP of £32, Tamnavulin White Wine Cask Edition is now widely available for purchase in the UK, with distribution to select European markets as well as the US still to come in the next few months. It’s claimed this pricing has been encouraging repeat purchases from whisky shoppers, as well as increasing reputation as a premium brand.

Beginning its life in American Oak barrels, the expression moved on to second maturation in sauvignon blanc wine casks. This has long been the tradition of Tamnavulin’s double matured whiskies. The ABV comes in at 40%, the same strength as their previous Red Wine Cask Edition.

In 1995, the distillery closed, and it didn’t re-open again for 12 years. After much anticipation, the first whisky from the refurbished distillery launched in 2016. Since this launch, the distiller claims that they have become the fastest growing single malt globally in 2020, and the number 4 brand by volume in the UK, citing the October 2021 Nielsen Scantrack/Kantar ratings as a source.

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