Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey release collector’s edition bottle to honour James Joyce novel Ulysses

Writers’ Tears Irish Whiskey release collector’s edition bottle to honour James Joyce novel Ulysses

The bottle celebrates the novel’s centenary

03 June 2022

Writers’ Tears has announced the release of a collector’s edition bottle of Irish Whiskey, to honour James Joyce’s epic Ulysses and mark 100-years of its release.

The Pot release is limited to just 5,442 bottles and is available in a limited number of countries, including Ireland, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK. The RRP is set at €45/ STG£35.

The bottle is designed by Stunio Minerva of London, and features a screen-print and line drawing of Sweny’s Pharmacy, which author Joyce visited in 1904 and features in Ulysses.

Announcing the bottle’s release, Creator of Writers’ Tears and Managing Director of Walsh Whiskey, Bernard Walsh, said the following: “Celebrating Ireland’s literary greats has always been at the core of Writers’ Tears and there is none greater than James Joyce. We are delighted to play our part in supporting Joyce’s legacy through Sweny’s Pharmacy, which is a piece of perfectly preserved living history from Joyce’s Victorian Dublin.”

In celebration of the novel, Writers’ Tears will be hosting a Centenary Programme with a whole host of activities. The schedule for the days ahead in June include:

Sunday June 12th 2022
• Drinks reception at the International James Joyce Symposium at the Museum of Literature Ireland, Dublin (MOLI).

Wednesday June 15th 2022
• A reading of Ulysses and a whiskey tasting evening led by Bernard Walsh at a Joycean venue in Dublin.

Thursday June 16th 2022 (a.k.a. Bloomsday)
• Complimentary whiskeys for swimmers and spectators at Fitzgerald’s of Sandycove, a pub close to Dublin’s 40ft bathing place (the venue of Ulysses’ opening scene)
• Supporting the screening of documentary ‘Remarkable Women’ about the women who influenced the first publication of Ulysses at MOLI.

James Joyce’s novel is considered a huge part of Irish culture, especially given the book’s Dublin setting. It concerns the comings and goings of regular people across a single day (June 16th, 1904) in the country’s capital. Leopold Bloom – the book’s protagonist – is the namesake behind the name Bloomsday.

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