Battle of the Blends Challenge No 2

We kick off series three
By Rob Allanson
Battle of the Blends is back for another year and let's begin by welcoming back the winner of Challenge No 2, George Keeble, manager at Soho Whisky Club in London.

Taking on George this year is Lyndsey Gray, manager of the world famous Quiach Bar at the Craigellachie Hotel in the heart of Speyside. At work, Lyndsey enjoys creating world class bespoke tastings, events and drinks, where she can challenge people's opinions about whisky and make the spirit more accessible. The casks are currently being seasoned by Master of Malt ready for George and Lyndsey to start their creations which must be complete by 31 December 2017. Following this, drams of each blend will be sent to our readers around the world for judging and results will be announced in Issue 150 and at Whisky Live London 2018.

Now competitors, go forth and blend! May the best blend win.