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Whisky Magazine Live

By Dominic Roskrow
Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? And over the last 12 months boy, has the whisky industry been having fun.It’s been rubbing off on others, too, and since we last met in London, whisky has become remarkably fashionable.Glance around England’s capital and you’ll find a plethora of bars serving Scotch, Irish and bourbon to a new generation of spirits drinkers. And whisky is rarely out of the media. Its profile has never been higher.Whenever we’re asked about whisky we tend to say that the proof is in the drinking. And that, of course, is what Whisky Live is all about. On display here are a selection of the finest whiskies in the world and you have the chance to taste them at will.If you’re a veteran and are back for your fourth year, well it’s nice to see you again. If you’re here for the first time, perhaps because of the increased interest in whisky, then welcome. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want of the exhibitors – they will be only too happy to help. Whether you’re a novice or an old hand, we hope you enjoy your time with us. Don’t be surprised if it flies by...Happy tasting.Dominic Roskrow
Whisky MagazineTasting hall open from 12pm – 6pm on Friday and SaturdayBefore you head into the excitement of the exhibition hall, don’t forget to collect your special Whisky Magazine glass to use for the duration of the day and take away afterwards as a souvenir. You will have been given a voucher with your ticket to exchange for your glass. If you lose your glass you can buy another for £5 at the Whisky Magazine store.Highlights:• Taste your favourite whiskies or try a selection of new ones. Take this great opportunity to sample rare and sought-after whiskies.• Ask the experts, to be found around the main exhibition hall, and meet the team behind Whisky Magazine, including our top writers.• Enjoy the range of Masterclasses; a unique insight into the world of whisky, with tastings tutored by experts in the field.• Listen out for announcements on the exciting things going on throughout the show at the Whisky Magazine stand including Michael Jackson book signings and a cocktail challenge!• Once you have visited all the distillers, blenders and bottlers you will be able to buy your new favourites at the Royal Mile Whiskies stand - Whisky Magazine’s retailer of the year.How to make the most of Whisky LiveYour entry ticket gives you access to the main exhibition hall, where you can find stands for all the major whisky producers; they are here to chat and let you sample their wares.Tasting Tips• Hold onto your glass - otherwise it will be an expensive day.• Always rinse your glass - there is plenty of water about.• Always add a splash of water to your whisky – to use Dr Bill Lumsden’s phrase, this ‘releases the serpent’! You might not want to do this with very old or venerable whiskies however.• Use the spittoons. There is a lot of whisky to taste. Make sure you go the distance.• Drink plenty of water. Visit the Whisky Café, on the raised area to the side of the main hall, for welcome sustenance and soft drinks.• Make notes. When you find a whisky you really like, at the very least write down the name - you’ll forget otherwise.It’s in the bag...At the end of the day, don’t forget to collect your goodie bag packed full of miniatures and whisky related paraphernalia. All you need is the
token issued with your entrance ticket to claim your bagMeet the Whisky Magazine TeamMichael Jackson
Consultant Editor
Whisky MagazineMichael holds the distinction of being the only writer who has contributed to every issue of Whisky Magazine since its launch. Author of the indispensable Malt Whisky Companion, Michael has won every award going and is revered by name as the whisky writer.Dave Broom
Contributing Editor
Whisky MagazineDavid is one of the most respected writers across the drinks trade not just for whisky but for many other subjects including rum. He has worked in both distilleries and for whisky retailers, and is an acclaimed author. He’s not perfect though: he supports Patrick Thistle.Dominic Roskow
Whisky MagazineThe editor of Whisky Magazine, will be on hand to hear your views about the publication, as will some of the magazine’s regular writers. Feel free to discuss any apsect of the magazine, and if you’ve got ideas for stories in the future let them know. Dominic will also talk football on Saturday.