By Marcin Miller

The Miller's Tale

Nothing lasts forever. Look at the England rugby team’s unbeaten record at Twickenham (fortunately, I couldn’t watch Ireland break England’s winning streak as I was at Whisky Live). Look at Cardhu Pure Malt.Well, another constant coming to an end is my tenure at Whisky Magazine. It is with a tear in my eye as I write this, my last column…In 1997 Damian Riley-Smith came up with a plan to finally create the magazine he’d been dreaming about for some time. In 1998 the plan was realised. Now, less than six years later, the magazine has subscribers in 57 countries, is published in English, Japanese and French (with
several other language versions in the pipeline) and hosts events in England, Japan, Scotland, France and the USA.Without doubt it has become globally accepted as the authoritative voice of whisky and everything related to it. If one can take a moment to reflect – always best achieved with a dram in hand – that is no mean achievement for a small team in five years. Now, my work here is done and I feel it is time to move on.Whisky Live in London 2004 was the best event we have ever held. The atmosphere was excellent and all visitors and exhibitors enjoyed themselves. The introduction of a retailer at Whisky Live was a welcome development.It wasn’t perfect: some visitors have expressed that the goodie bags could have included more variety and their views have been noted. Thank you for your comments and we will work to improve the event even further for next year.Another addition this year was The Icons of Whisky Dinner and this seemed a fitting place for me to sign off, in the midst of so many genuine whisky legends.The highlight for me was seeing the dawn of recognition on Michael Jackson’s face when he realised that Jimmy Russell might just be describing him during the introduction for the Lifetime Achievement Award.It is not often one sees Michael Jackson left speechless. It ranks alongside Iain Henderson’s bemused expression as he was approached by a geisha bearing an uncanny resemblance to Christine Logan.I don’t feel the need to list my most treasured whisky memories as they were covered in the fifth anniversary issue. Suffice to say that whisky people really are the best people and my best times have been in their midst. So as one chapter ends another more interesting one begins. Dominic will take his rightful place at the front of the magazine from Issue 40. He has done great things with Whisky Magazine in the last year and a half and I am sure he will continue to do so for many years to come. I am sure I will see you at Whisky Live in London, Paris or Glasgow, so the chances are our paths will cross again. Until the next time, and at the risk of this column reading like an Oscar acceptance speech, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the help, support, advice and feedback offered over the last six years. That goes to readers, contributors, the Whisky Magazine team and the whisky industry at large.Marcin Miller