By John Rose

Ask the expert

I'm looking for the six classic single malts "Double Matured"miniatures. I already have the six Classic Single Malt miniatures but somebody told me that there is also a Double Matured version. It is almost my husband's birthday and I would like to give that to him, can you help me because here in the Netherlands nobody can.R Pattiata,Amsterdam, The Netherlands.The Distillers Edition Doubled Matured were first bottled in 1997 as a Duty Free exclusive.They were bottled in 1998 for the United Kingdom as were the six miniatures.The miniature sets were stopped in 2000 and from the records none were sold in The Netherlands. I think you might have a problem finding a box.But you could try any specialist whisky shops selling old and rare whisky, or a whisky auction. You would have to pay £30 to £50 for the box of six.My step-father has a case of whisky that he inherited from a VIP in Canada.It is from Scotland and must be at least 40 years old.Have you heard of a whisky called "Matchless" I have searched far and wide.No one has heard of it.The whisky museum in Edinburgh old town thought that if anyone would know about it, you would.Since the VIP who owned this whisky was also a whisky connoisseur and very rich my step-father doesn't want to open a bottle until he knows how much it will cost him.L.Widmann, London, England I have some information on a Matchless Liqueur Whisky which was produced in the past by a subsidiary of Whitbread & Co. However this information is incomplete and I would be delighted if any of our readers could help me with this question. However I think a liqueur whisky from 40 to 50 years ago would interest collectors and sell at auction for between £60 to £80 per bottle.I have a bottle of Macallan 14 Years Old malt to commemorate the 100th Moray Open, July 2005. It comes in a tube and the bottle is in very condition.It was bottled for members of The Moray Golf Club Lossiemouth.What would the price guide be?B Murphy, Inverness, Scotland.Your Macallan was distilled in 1991, matured in sherry casks and bottled by Gordon & Macphail Ltd., Elgin, Morayshire in 2005 at 40%Vol.The bottle contained within its original presentation tube with a label to match the one on the bottle would have a price guide at auction in Scotland £75 to £100.I am writing to you to ask you for a valuation on a very old bottle of whisky.The name of the company is Gordon & Mcphail, the bottle Strathisla single malt and the label date is 1937. It is still in the original box. I have been trying to get a price for it on the internet and was informed that this bottle would fetch from £650 upwards.Please can you give me your valued opinion as to whether this quote is correct?H Mckinlay,Manchester, England.Thank you for the picture of your 1937 Strathisla, which looks to be in good condition, but I think the valuation you received is too high. A bottle the same age and condition as yours was sold at auction in June this year for £280 and auction selling fees would be deducted.Could you help me with information on a decanter I would like to purchase for my collection. I specialise in malt whisky from the west of Scotland and I think this decanter was filled with 31 Years Old Bowmore Single Malt Whisky and is very elaborate in crystal and silver.Do you know anything that would help me find this Bowmore?R Thomas,New York, U.S.A.I know of The Dynasty Decanter, produced in memory of Scotland's Royal House Of Stewart bottled by Hart Brothers, Glasgow. The crystal decanter is encrusted with Sterling Silver and decorated with images of Mary Queen of Scots, King James I, James II, James III, James IV, and James V. It was filled with Bowmore 31 Years Old Single Malt Whisky.A limited edition of 150 decanters were produced in a wooden presentation box together with a certificate of authenticity. They do not appear very often but at auction the price I think you would have to pay would be £1000 to £1500.