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Please could you give me any idea of the values of some bottles of Rare Malt I have. Brora 22 Years Old 61.1% ABV distilled 1972, Clynelish 22 Years Old 58.95% ABV distilled 1972 Hillside 25 Years Old, 61.9% ABV, distilled 1969, Linkwood 22 Years Old, 595 ABV, distilled 1972 and
St.Magdalene 23 Years Old, 58.43% ABV distilled 1970. All are in their cartons apart from the Linkwood.

T. Bullock, Edinburgh

A total of 99 different expressions of Rare Malts were produced in varying ages and strengths which has created a very difficult situation to collectors who have not done an in depth study of the bottles. Some bottles of the same name but different strengths can fetch four times more than others and I can verify the confusion by my emails. However I will try and help you with your bottles.

Clynelish 22 Years Old 58.95% ABV £200 to £240, Hillside 25 Years Old 61.9% ABV £260 to £300, St Magdalene 23 Years Old 58.43% ABV £260 to £300, Linkwood 22 Years Old 59.3% ABV (produced without a box)£100 to £140, Brora 22 Years Old 61.9% ABV £300 to £400.

I started learning about whisky and collecting when your pages were first printed in Whisky Magazine a few years ago. I have spent considerable time looking at auction catalogues and keeping records of prices. I watch the whisky sites on the internet and this is were I get really annoyed with some people selling through a site everyone will know. Do some of these sellers really think that we collectors of whisky are all stupid? As we all know every bottle has a recognised buying price and sellers asking stupid prices for their bottles make a fool of us all. The worst case I have seen was a very ordinary blend from the 1970s for buy it now price of £12,000.
J. Jarvis, England

I know exactly what you mean, what really annoys me is when sellers tell me that the bottle is highly collectable and a great bargain. We all know what it is and don’t need to be told, because it is usually neither. During the last 10 years of my Under The Hammer Page I have endeavoured to help readers like yourself to enjoy collecting and learning more about old whisky, and I hope this has been the case.

I was surfing the net to find out about the sale of one decanter of King of Kings whisky sealed in a stoneware light and dark brown jug and came across your site. I believe this is a rare whisky now and I am wanting to find buyers. Being in India I am unaware of how much this whisky can fetch. I see from your site that some auction houses have sold such jugs at auction. Could you give me some idea of what price I should expect if I sell. The jug was given to me in circa 1950 which means that the whisky should be at least 70 Years Old.
C. D. Gandhi, India

King of Kings was a Rare Old De-Lux Scotch Whisky Blend produced by James Munro & Sons Ltd. Leith, Edinburgh, some of the decanters stated that the whisky was 12 Years Old and some had no age statement printed. Decanters sometimes appear at auction in Scotland but the price realised is usually quite low £40 to £50 even for very old ones. If your decanter states it was filled with 12 Years Old whisky and you received it in 1950 it is still only 12 Years Old as whisky does not mature in the bottle. To be referred to as a 70 Years Old whisky it needs to be matured in the cask for that length of time before bottling. I think the best way to get the most from your decanter is to open it with some friends and enjoy it.

I have recently acquired a bottle of Grand Old Parr De Lux Scotch Whisky originally distilled by Macdonald Greenlees Ltd. of Leith Scotland. There is no mention of age on the bottle but the label describes this as real antique and rare old. It is evident that the age of this is pre decimalisation that the contents are 26.2/3Fl.ozs, it came complete with its box.
C. Wood, England

Grand Old Parr De Luxe Scotch Whisky is a 12 Years Old blended whisky named after Thomas Parr who it is claimed to have lived to the age of 152 years. Although your bottle is probably from the 1960s its value to collectors is not high about £50 to £60.