By John Rose

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I have in my possesion a bottle of MaCallum’s Perfection Scots Whisky this bottle (unopened) has been in my family for 40 years, a present given to my late father.

I am unable to find anyone to give me a valuation for the bottle, is it possible you could do this for me?

I also have a bottle of Dimple with gold wire on it would you also know the value of this one? Your help would be most appreciated on this matter.

Mrs A. Robertson, New South Wales, Australia

Your bottle of Mcallum’s Perfection is a blended whisky from the 1970s prouced by D & J McCallum Limited, 4 Picardy Place, Edinburgh, a subsidiary of Distillers Company PLC. Now known as Diegeo PLC.

This blend was very popular in Australia were the company had a branch office in Sydney. Unfortunately your bottle from the 1970s being a blend has a value of £30 to £40 UK Pounds, with your Dimple from the same time £20 to £30.

I would suggest you keep your bottles for a few more years to see if they go up in value or open them and enjoy the dram.

I have a bottle of Aberlour–Glenlivet 25 Years Old distilled in 1964 bottled in 1989, 75cl, 43% volume in a wooden box, I would like you to give me its value please.

I cannot find a retailer or wholesaler who has this product in stock.

S. McCartney, Glasgow, Scotland

Your Aberlour 25 Years Old distilled in 1964 would realise between £250 and £300 at auction in Scotland.

More than 50 years ago when I was a baby I was gifted a presentation box which contained a bottle of whisky and a small doll dressed in a scottish outfit I have enclosed a picture and would be grateful if you could give me any information on this gift?
L. Crerar, Auckland, New Zealand

You have a bottle from the early 1970s of Queen Anne whisky blended by Hill Thomson & Co.Ltd. 45 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Still in its original packaging together with a doll in a highland outfit, I have never seen a presentation like this before but it shows how the various companies in those days tried very hard to market their products.

I have a few bottles of Chivas Regal which is labelled as aged 12 years. They were a gift to my father when he retired 22 years ago.
Can you tell me what they might be worth to a collector on Long Island, New York?

R. Scott, Long Island, New York

Your Chivas Regal bottles would need to be considerably older than they are to have any added value other than their cost price to a collector. However I suggest you open a couple of them for a special occasion or an event and enjoy an excellent whisky from my part of Scotland.

My mother worked for Dewars of Perth in the 1950s till the early 1980s and often went on ‘days out’ with the company. Unfortunately she died six years ago, and two miniatures came into my possession. They are clear glass bottles with white screw tops never opened with a white label stating 60 years Old Scotch Whisky from the House of Buchanan with a round logo featuring the black and white dogs. Can you give me any information on them I have enclosed a picture.
J. Fairlie, Perth, Scotland

The logo with the black & white dogs was used by Buchanan on some promotional material in the 1970s and the miniatures would probably date to that period.

As an employee of D.C.L. in the 70s and 80s the company encouraged staff and industry colleagues to visit some of the companies other sites on days out and often produced corporate gifts to mark the days out and visits.

Around 1975 would have been the 60th Anniversary of the Buchanan/Dewar merger so if your mother was at the Buchanan site around this time she could well have been given the miniatures.

We know 60 year old miniatures were never produced by the company to be sold in the market.

This would make them very collectable indeed to whisky collectors and for me to give them a value.

I would ask if any of our readers could give me a guide to get in touch with me through the Magazine.