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Q. Hello, I have recently acquired a bottle of Old Guns Finest Scotch Whisky by Low Robertson & Co. Ltd.
Leith, Scotland.
Details on the label are: 100% Scotch Whiskies - Importado Dalla Societa Premiata S. Cobianchi S.P.A.
- Zola Predosa - Bologna.
Now I have seen this bottle featured in several Port Ellen collections, it is also featured with a picture in the book The Port Ellen Single Malt Collector's Guide by Ralf Bernhard & Hans Georg Wursching.
I would like to know if you could answer why and how this bottle is linked to Port Ellen?
If it's a blended whisky, what other whiskies are there in the bottle.?
I would also like to know when it was produced and its value. Is it a rare whisky, I have only seen it on a very few occasions.
A.Olsson. Stockholm. Sweden.A. Old Guns was produced by Low Robertson & Co. Ltd. Leith when they were licence holders of Port Ellen Distillery as part of S.M.D. Scottish Malt Distillers.It was a blended whisky sold mainly in Italy and Port Ellen was the prominent malt used.I have a friend who used to drink it and he confirms this. The brand was still around in the early - mid 1980's but was discontinued following the creation of United Distillers now part of Diageo Distilling Ltd. who do not produce it any more.I think at auction a bottle of Old Guns in good condition should fetch between £75 to £100.Q. Hello. How are you, my name is Vernon, and I am writing you in regards to an unopened bottle of I.W.Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey made in 1939, bottled in 1945 and Rated at 100 proof. The bottle, it's labeling and contents remain for the most part in fair shape (government seal intact). I can find no one in my vicinity to offer any information regarding the quality or value of this liquor. I would deeply appreciate my information as to it's worth and value. Thank you.Vernon. Lawrenceburg. Kentucky. U.S.A.A. Your I.W. Harper Straight Bourbon Whisky bottled in 1945 if unopened should be good to drink. There are not as many collectors for Bourbon, but yours being an old bottle should at auction between £100 to £140.Q. I was wondering if you can tell me what somebody would pay for a 1930 bottle of Dewars White Label Blended Scotch Whisky, never opened. I would much appreciate it I have enclosed a picture of the bottle.
Tina. New York U.S.A.A. As there are quite a lot of collectors of Dewars Whisky and memorabilia, I think a bottle of White Label from the 1930's in good condition which yours appears to be would fetch between £160 to £190 at auction.Q. In the 1970's my father was an area manager for Chivas Regal, on the Queens Silver Jubilee Chivas gave all the managers a bottle of specially made Silver Jubilee Whisky. My father is now very ill and I have this bottle which is in A1 condition unopened. I am told only one cask was made and there is probably only a couple of these bottles left in existence. I would like to sell it and put the money towards a trip for him, how much would it be worth now. I have attached a picture of the bottle.
S. Cleary. Manchester U.K.A. This is a nice bottle from 1977 and looks in very good condition. It is a blended whisky which does not command such a good price as a Single Malt but at auction I think you should get between £150 to £180.Q. I have a commemorative Centenary Bottle and case of Bunnahabhain (1883 - 1983) Single Malt Scotch Whisky 20 year old, can you give me any information on this bottle also I was wondering of it's value.
J Greco. New York U.S.A.A. You have a beautiful decanter that was produced to celebrate 100 years of the distillery in 1983.Most of the 315 decanters of this very limited production filled with Bunnahabhain Single Malt Whisky distilled in 1963 were sold to the American market.None were sold in the United Kingdom. although 20 decanters were kept back and given to special people as gifts.It is a very collectable decanter and I would expect it to realise in excess of £1000 at auction.