By Rob Allanson

Ask the expert

My father is a whisky collector and we also have a whisky shop.Some time ago I was in touch with you regarding whisky bottles,now I would like your advice again.We have a client who wants to buy whisky as a investment.He doesn't intend to be a collector as he does not understand about whisky and he needs my advice.L.Goncalves, Lisbon,Portugal This is probably the question I am most frequently asked about collecting whisky. First you must remind your client that prices can go down as well as up. However if you remember some basic rules and with a bit of luck the price should increase. Bottles from closed distilleries are always popular; bottles produced in very limited numbers, or taken out for a special event. I also like bottles that are well presented and pleasing to look at, also what I think are competitively priced. Research as much as you can, also ask questions from people involved in the whisky industry. It is a very difficult question to answer but remember to tell your client that unlike other investments if the price does not increase he can always drink the bottles and drown his sorrows.I possess a bottle of Glenmorangie Single Malt, presented to me as a gift in 1992. It looks Ok, but is it 100 per cent safe to drink? After 15 years or so. It won't last another 15 years pending a positive response.J.Byrne,Warwickshire, U.K.Your Glenmorangie, if it has not been opened will be excellent to drink after 15 years Because whisky does not mature once bottled very old bottles from the 1920's when opened have been found to be in excellent condition for drinking.Enjoy it and all the best.Some years ago, I received from the Latin America representative of Grant's a bottle of whisky. It's one of a very limited bottling of a commemorative Grant's 21 year old whisky for Sir Jackie Stewart's team's only victory in Formula One in 1999,with the British driver Johnny Herbert in 1st.position and Brazillian Rubens Barrichello in 3rd.position.The bottle has a special logo on the label with flags of Britain and Brazil with words about the fact that the European Grand Prix, in Nurburg,Germany,was the place of the victory.I do like whisky but I think this bottle would be best with a collector.Perhaps you could let me knowwho might be interested and what value you would put on it.V.Zambeli,Brazil.I do know of this bottle but I have not seen one.There were only 21 bottles produced, none were for sale, but at a special dinner hosted by William Grant & Sons Limited for Sir Jackie Stewart they were given to the guests.After Jackie retired from motor racing he did promotional work for William Grant & Sons and when he had his own racing team William Grant & Sons Ltd were involved in it.I think because many whisky collectors also like motor racing this connection would appeal to them and at auction in Scotland your bottle, even being a blend would sell for £200 to £250.