By Rob Allanson

Welcome to Whisky Magazine

Well it looks like the seasons are on the turn here in God’s own country, and county (Norfolk to the uninitiated), but oddly rather than getting colder and wetter (which was summer), it has got a little warmer and drier.Now I know this is just nature lulling us into a false sense of security before slapping us down with a mean winter, but it does mean those fruity summer drams have had an extended shelf life.The other thing I love about this time of year is the trees. Those turning leaves moments, the colours here are stunning. And then there is the smell. For those of you who smoke cigars you will know this note. Open the humidor and inhale.I was asked an interesting question the other day that got me thinking about how we drink whisky. How do you think the new generations will be drinking their whisky?This sparked a few thoughts about how, when and why I drink what I drink. As you can see from the photo I started early – just as a disclaimer there is no suggestion my parents gave me alcohol so early on in my life, I just found the picture in a box of slides my dad gave me and thought I would share.I would love to hear your malt journeys and how you think whisky may change in the future. The answers do not have to be on a postcard, just drop me an email.When I started on my malt drinking career is was in the closing parts of my teens. I would look for mainly whiskies from the Classic Malts because I knew I liked them, particularly Oban. The only expensive stuff I ever tried was up in the £50 to £60 range and that was only if a few friends would split the bottle with me. It was an occasion dram.Later on, earning a wage, I could explore more and broaden my tastes. Obviously these days I am happy to experiment and drink whisky in all its different guises, including the occasional classic cocktail.These days we are seeing a lot more experimentation with whisky and bourbon.I think that the cloak of it being your father’s drink has firmly been shaken off.We now have bottles designed to be chilled, heavy duty blended malts that are pieced together for bartenders and cocktail use, increasingly older malts and single barrels.Surely there has never been a better time to get into drinking whisky? There is so much choice and diversity. Looking at the new spate of distilleries on the cards things look like they can only get better really.