By John Rose

Ask the expert

A few months ago we started the renovation of an old house that we bought some time ago.In the basement we found a wooden box with several old bottles of whisky. I made a phone call to a whisky and cigar store (Huis Verloo Antwerp) who gave me your address.In the wooden box there are a few bottles of Pall Mall Scotch Royal Whisky 8 years old and put in the bottle 16/10/72.On the front it says:Pall Mall de lux scotch whisky extra care has gone into the blending of this Scotch Whisky Distilled in famous Distilleries.100% Scotch bottled in Scotland by AndrewD Thomson & Co.Glasgow.Can you tell me about this whisky.T.Autrique Antwerp,Belgium Hello Tim.Thank you for your question. I am sorry I can give you very little information on your bottles. I have not come across a blend called Pall Mall and do not know of Andrew D Thomson however I will call on any of our readers to let me know if they have any information. Being a blended whisky I do not think they will be of much value to whisky collectors and I would suggest you drink most but keep one bottle intact as a memento.I have been collecting whisky for five years but I think I will now specialise in Caol Ila.malt whisky. I have been doing research on the subject and have read that there was a bottle produced for the Bell's Managers Challenge .Do you know about this bottle?Can you give me any information about it, also how much it might cost me to buy.J Carnegie Bristol, England.Hi James.Caol Ila is an excellent choice to specialise in collecting. The Bell's Managers Challenge was part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Coal Ila Distillery in 1996. It was an 8 year old Caol Ila. Distilled in 1988, tall clear bottle, black coloured foil capsule over cork stopper, beige colored main label with brown and gold letters. Bottled at cask strength but no statement. Bottle number of only thirty five produced.Price if you can find one is between £750 to £950.In July 2000 I purchased a bottle of Ardbeg Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky for my husband's 60th. Birthday.Sadly he died of cancer a short time later without opening his present.The label states 'This unique malt whisky from Ardbeg is a single malt from a single cask which has been taken straight from the wood and hand bottled at cask strength'. It is signed by Stuart Thompson, Ardbeg Distillery.Bottle No.79 of 466 bottles.Date Cask Filled 24.11.76 Date Bottled 18.07.2000 Cask No.2394 Cask Type: Sherry Butt I do not drink whisky myself and I was wondering if it is possible to sell this and if you would know the sort of price to ask for it.JWilson Leeds, England Hello Jean.I am very sorry to hear about your husband. The Ardbeg you bought in July 2000 was exclusively bottled for The Ardbeg Committee distilled and bottled by Ardbeg Distillery Limited. 466 bottles were filled at 53.2% Vol. sold in its original carton. This bottle is very collectable and I think at auction it would sell for £300 to £350.I have large bottle of Dewar's White Label given to me by my stepfather who is related to the original Dewar's family.He was given it forty years ago, and I would like some information on this bottle. I have enclosed a photograph, could you tell me the approximate value, also how can I go about selling it ?R Powell Souther California.Chino Hills, U.S.A Hi Robert.You have a very interesting bottle which is from the mid 1960s. Its contents are one U.S gallon at 86.8 Proof, imported to the United States by Schenley Import Co. New York, contained within its original presentation cardboard box. Because it is such a large bottle what makes it interesting is it is contained on a wire stand which would sit on a bar counter and make it easy to pour. I think your bottle would be interesting to private Dewar's collectors, or as a display piece in a hotel bar or club. As to where to sell it you could try it on an internet site, or advertise it in a whisky publication such as Whisky Magazine. You could also enquire if any auction houses in your area have wine or spirit sales. The value is quite difficult to asses but it should be worth £300 to £350.