By Rob Allanson

Editor's Word

Rob looks at what this redesigned magazine means
Welcome to the redesigned Whisky Magazine. The fruit of many months of toil, planning, research, sampling, debate, testing, retesting...and then that moment of sending it off to the printers.

It’s always a nervous moment, reminiscent of taking films to be developed, waiting for a magazine to come back from the printers, but with this edition the wait has been doubly so.

The redesign, both in looks (sharper and cleaner) and feel (extra pages and heavier paper stock), is our marker in the sand of a revolution that is quietly taking place at news stands around the world. This transformation is seen as almost a backlash to the realm of digital media. Small, independent publishing houses are taking the printed word to a higher level, making a magazine more desirable, something to keep and refer back to when you want. We decided it was time to look at what we do and take it into another dimension.

This magazine represents our recognition that, despite the digital world offering some excellent ways to enhance your experience of the magazine, certainly this editor’s heart still lies with the printed word.

There is nothing finer than when a decent sized magazine hits the mat with some noise, then slowly opening the cover, the smell of printer’s ink and fresh pages. It is one of those moments for me when the world stands still.

It is our marker in the sand of a revolution that is quietly taking place at news stands

The new look magazine is our statement of intent. With so much noise and information available out there, in the blogosphere, social media, websites and other magazines; the redesign is our bold statement that this is the magazine to keep as the ‘go to’ source for reference, entertainment, great writing and photography.

This has always been our mission statement and we are not afraid to restate it. We have a growing network of writers across the globe covering everything from start up distilleries, the ever growing craft movement, whisky lifestyle and travel, and of course what the world’s greatest companies are up to. We constantly strive to bring you the best coverage, thought provoking comment, and inspiring journeys from across the whisky world.
It has been a fun process getting this particular edition of Whisky Magazine to the printing presses. After sitting for several years now commentating on companies sending out their new offerings into the wider world, the shoe is now on the other foot.

Now the fruits of several months work here at Whisky Towers goes off into the great beyond, first to the printers, then to be poured over, analysed and at the end of the day enjoyed by you the reader.

I guess it’s not something every editor gets to do, but I have really enjoyed getting to grips with redesigning the magazine.
Well when I say that, it makes it sound like it was all my own work, but thankfully it’s not.

Only being a journalist at heart my preoccupations lie with words and pictures; but take me deep into the heartland of fonts, paper weights and CMYK colourings and I would start to get a little twitchy and sweaty; that’s where the art editor comes in.

As a writer you just pick what’s to hand, normally a fountain pen and notebook in my case, but with the computer when you are writing, normally you don’t think about fonts; generally it’s Times Roman or Ariel (at which point the design team usually tut at me) and commit your heart’s outpourings to the page.

So it has been an interesting journey bringing the latest incarnation of Whisky Magazine to fruition.

From the excitement of researching, story boarding, looking at how the magazine flows and then seeing the first proofs of what you have in front of you. Each stage brings its own delights and really helps to focus you on what you want to see and like as a reader. I have to mention in despatches our art editor: Paul Beevis who does all the hard work making these pages look their best, ably assisted by our designer Jenny Sims. They are the unsung heroes of the magazine and I doff my hat to the pair of them.

I hope you will agree new life has been breathed into these pages and I hope you like them.