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A world united

Whisky Live events are now held across the world and are attracting new drinkers
When Whisky Live was launched in Japan and then London some six years ago nobody behind the events could have envisaged that it would spawn similar events across the world.Belgium this year hosted a Whisky Live event and in a few months Toronto will become the latest city to host an event that is now a regular fixture in New York,Glasgow, London,Tokyo,Paris, Cape Town and Johannesburg.In each country the event is tailored to suit its visitors,but there are some general trends across the world,most importantly that the interest in whisky is growing and that the shows are attracting an increasingly diverse selection of people,with younger drinkers and female enthusiasts swelling the ranks.New approaches to whisky promotion have seen cocktail events,and food and cigar matchings become integral to some shows.On the following pages we profile the recent events from Tokyo, London, Belgium and New York.