Adelphi Distillery launches MacLean's Nose blended Scotch whisky

The name of the whisky is a nod to a headland near Adelphi's Ardnamurchan Distillery, and to the company's 'sensory mentor' Charles MacLean
MacLean's Nose, the new blended Scotch whisky from Adelphi Distillery
MacLean's Nose, the new blended Scotch whisky from Adelphi Distillery
Scottish independent bottler Adelphi Distillery has launched a blended malt whisky, MacLean's Nose.

The blended Scotch whisky is named for the Ben Hiant headland (known locally as MacLean's Nose), which is close to Adelphi's newer Scotch whisky distillery Ardnamurchan. Simultaneously, it is a nod to famed whisky specialist and writer Charles MacLean, who has acted as a mentor to Adelphi Distillery managing director Alex Bruce.

As a blended Scotch whisky, Maclean's Nose contains a relatively high proportion of malt whisky (70 per cent) and includes a significant amount of ex-sherry cask-matured spirit, which Adelphi says adds richness and depth. It has been bottled without chill filtration and with natural colour at 46% ABV.

The bottle labels have been designed in partnership with Scottish artist Reuben Sian de Gourlay. They are made from Crush Barley, a sustainable paper, and include QR codes that share information about the whisky and its make-up.

Alex Bruce said: "I remember at the opening of our new distillery in Ardnamurchan in July 2014, our longstanding sensory mentor, Charlie MacLean, telling me that we were now officially the closest distillery to his nose. It didn’t sink in until sometime later that he was actually referring to the famous promontory off Ben Hiant just a few miles down the coast.

"Formed some 60 million years ago from a giant volcanic eruption, Maclean’s Nose has long been used as a navigational aid by passing boats. The multi-coloured agglomerate, once lava flow, also inspired our slate-blue Ardnamurchan bottle colour.

"We are really proud to now be able to celebrate both our chief nose and our neighbouring nose together in this exciting new west coast blend. As with all things Adelphi, it is an unashamedly flavour-first whisky."

The first batch of Maclean's Nose blended Scotch whisky is available now through specialist whisky retailers worldwide (RRP £30).