Aurora Spirit Distillery releases Bivrost Jotunheim

A truly ‘Arctic’ single malt
Bivrost Jotunheim
Bivrost Jotunheim
The world’s northernmost distillery, Aurora Spirit, is situated beyond the Arctic Circle in Norway, surrounded by the Lyngen Alps, a fjord, and wilderness. Bivrost Jotunheim is the fourth whisky in its ‘Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology’ series.

Aurora Spirit says that ‘Bivrost’, meaning “shaking path”, was the Viking word for the northern lights. The distillery produces whisky and other alcohol products under the brand name Bivrost, based on local herbs, berries and melted glacier water, and has an award-winning visitor centre.
The distillery

Distilled in 2018 and matured in ex-bourbon and stout casks, Jotunheim is made from all-Nordic barley. ‘Jotunheim’ is the world of giants – or Jotnars, as they are named in ancient Norse mythology.

20 bottles of Bivrost Jotunheim (46% ABV) will go to auction at Whisky Auctioneer in handcrafted wooden cases. The remaining bottles of the 3,000-strong release will be sold in carton boxes.
A view of the fjord