Berry Bros. & Rudd unveils new Exceptional Cask releases

The company presents its latest Exceptional Cask Series whiskies in more environmentally friendly packaging
The new Exceptional Cask Series releases from Berry Bros. & Rudd
The new Exceptional Cask Series releases from Berry Bros. & Rudd
Berry Bros. & Rudd has unveiled the latest whiskies in its Exceptional Cask Series – alongside more environmentally friendly packaging for the range.

The latest Exceptional Cask releases span the breadth of Scotland's whisky-making regions, with Campbeltown, the Lowlands, Islay and Speyside represented. The batch comprises a 1968 Secret Speyside and a 1998 Bowmore as part of the winter release, followed by an independent bottling of 1995 Springbank as part of the spring release and a 1964 Girvan in summer.

For these new releases, Berry Bros. & Rudd has used new more environmentally friendly packaging: the bottles (made by Glencairn) contain 35 per cent recycled glass, and the secondary packaging is made from Valchromat, a plastic-free material made from recycled pine wood and mill waste and using organic, non-toxic dyes.

The new packaging makes use of recycled glass and recycled wood

Jonny McMillan, reserve whisky manager at Berry Bros. & Rudd, said: "We’re incredibly proud of the steps we are taking as a business to ensure the planet and people are at the forefront of our decision making.

"Announcing these rare expressions will capture the attention of whisky enthusiasts across the globe, directing their attention to our sustainable way of thinking at Berry Bros. & Rudd.

"Our latest Exceptional Cask releases will sit comfortably alongside the rest of the range, being sustainable without sacrificing our prestige style and quality which our consumers have come to appreciate and expect from Berry Bros. & Rudd.”

The Exceptional Cask Series, Secret Speyside 1968 (£1,000), Springbank 1995 (£595), Girvan 1964 (£500) and Bowmore 1998 (£450) can be purchased via the Berry Bros. & Rudd website and selected retailers from October 2022.