Cocktail of the Week: Black Cherry Bourbon Cola

This week's cocktail recipe combines three iconic flavours
Image credit: Marie Sonmez Photography
Image credit: Marie Sonmez Photography
Cola and cherries – there are few pairings that are more stand out when it comes to classic soft drink serves. This week’s cocktail from Fentimans adds in that magic third ingredient, bourbon, to create a delicious, perfectly balanced summer drink. If the sweetness isn’t quite for you, Fentimans recommends using their ginger beer or soda water to change things up and play with the flavour palette. You can find the full list of ingredients and recipe below!


30ml bourbon
15ml cherry brandy
3 black cherries, pitted
1/4 a lime, juiced (and a wedge, to garnish)
Chilled Fentimans Curiosity Cola
Ginger beer and soda water, optional


Muddle the cherries, and mix in a cocktail shaker with the cherries, bourbon, brandy, lime juice, and ice. Strain the cocktail and serve with plenty of ice. Top up with cola (and ginger beer and soda water, if desired, to taste) and serve with a wedge of lime.