Cocktail of the Week: Sagamore Rye Cold Brew Cocktail

Trendy cold brew meets rye whiskey in this refreshing treat
Kyoto-style coffee, the earliest recorded cold-brew coffee, dates back to the 1600s. But now, this thirst-quenching drink is sweeping modern coffee shops.

A slow brewing of 18 to 24 hours produces a naturally sweet drink with a low acidity level, lending itself both to sipping over ice and blending with rye in this creamy cocktail, courtesy of Maryland-based distiller Sagamore.

You can also make your own cold brew for this recipe by steeping coarsely-ground coffee in water in the fridge overnight (about 1 oz/30g coffee per cup of water), and then straining through a cheesecloth. Happy International Coffee Day!

45ml Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye Whiskey
30ml Vanilla Simple Syrup
120ml Sagamore Coffee Cold Brew
60ml Single Cream or Almond Milk

Fill a highball glass to the rim with ice. Add whiskey, simple syrup and cold brew into the glass. Stir for 10-15 seconds. Top with single cream or almond milk.

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