Couple on Kindle

By Rob Allanson
The revised and updated edition of The Road to Craigellachie - Revisited, (2012), Hans Offringa's well-known travel story about Scotland and whisky, is now avail-able on Kindle.

The author said from his Charleston, SC dwelling: "Over the past few years we've been acquiring back the rights of most of our books, since our publishers weren't very forthcoming with innovative publishing concepts. My wife Becky already takes care of the layout of some of our books and decided she wanted to learn more about Kindle. That's what started this project."

Hans added that we can expect more books will follow within the coming year. The other half of the Whisky Couple added: "We'd also liked to reach more readers outside the Netherlands and the USA. Often the postage and packaging costs hold customers back. Now it's available for everyone, and at a significantly lower price than the paper edition."

The paper 2011 edition retails at 9.99 whereas the 2012 Kindle edition costs 6.99 For details and ordering check out