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Double Success in Africa

By Karen Chaloner
Year eight of the FNB Whisky Live Festival, which took place in November in Cape Town and Johannesburg, has cemented the festival’s reputation of being the largest, liveliest and most entertaining whisky event of its kind in the world.

“The response we have had from visitors and exhibitors is that this year’s event was our best show ever,” said Sian Neubert, co-organiser of the FNB Whisky Live Festival. “The exhibitors really raised the bar with their stands and what they had on offer for visitors, which created a great premium experience.

“The various brands on show desire to engage directly with their consumer on a more personal, intimate level and this saw an increase in unique tasting rooms – adding a new, innovative and exciting dimension to the festival this year.

“We also introduced a number of new zones including the Pick n Pay Food and Whisky Pairing Zone and the Glen Grant Distillation Zone, all of which made for a highly educational and interactive show allowing consumers to walk away enriched and inspired by the interaction with the whisky brands and a desire to learn more,” she added.

The festival was designed to take both whisky connoisseurs and novices on an unforgettable journey through the allure, origins, flavours and history of the world of whisky.

“Although this show has never been a numbers game and more about the quality of the experience, we are thrilled to report a substantial increase in visitor numbers overall, which speaks volumes about the growing popularity that whisky is enjoying in South Africa,” added festival co-organiser, Karen Chaloner.

“Whisky has been gaining popularity and, even more so, becoming the trendy drink of up-and-coming 20 and 30 something year-old professionals and the emerging middle-classes from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds – all of whom have something in common –their aspiration for success,”
she said.