Glenmorangie extends 'delicious and wonderful' campaign with photographer Miles Aldridge

Glenmorangie first launched the colourful campaign in 2020 with photographer Aldridge and DDB Paris
'The glasshouse' is one of the scenes from the new
'The glasshouse' is one of the scenes from the new "It's kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign by Glenmorangie.

Glenmorangie has revealed the second part of a creative campaign with photographer Miles Aldridge which is designed to showcase the "simple joy" of its whiskies.

Originally launched in 2020, the "It's kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign was created by Highland single malt producer Glenmorangie in partnership with Aldridge and communications agency DDB Paris. It was centred around a number of scenes, composed by Aldridge, which showed people enjoying the distillery's whisky in a variety of serves in more modern, 'non-traditional' settings.

A man enjoys his Glenmorangie in a home cinema in the new "It's kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign.

Following a hugely positive response to its first iteration, Glenmorangie has announced that the campaign is being extended with six new scenes created by Aldridge which are launching in November 2022.

Like their predecessors, the new images are built around Glenmorangie's characteristic orange hue and feature saturated colours to create "a more wonderful version of reality". They show people enjoying Glenmorangie's Original, Lasanta and Quinta Ruban whiskies in a variety of settings, including on a hot-air balloon, in a greenhouse, and on a visit to the barber.

A visit to the barber in the new "It's kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign.

Caspar Macrae, Glenmorangie global marketing and business director, said: “We’re so delighted with the impact of the campaign so far, and how wonderfully it has reflected our brand and our whisky, that we wanted to extend it further for drinkers to enjoy. With these new scenes, we’re inviting the viewer to step even deeper into the world of Glenmorangie, where everything is ‘kind of delicious and wonderful’. ”

A group sip Glenmorangie in a hot-air balloon in the new "It"s kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign

In the new campaign, Aldridge aims to further elevate each depicted occasion through greater focus on the moving image, using larger sets, and adding playful visual nods to Glenmorangie’s brand symbol, the giraffe.

He said: “Ambition really flexed its muscles through every concept. We were able to expand and think big and supersize everything. For example, the scene with the woman in the greenhouse, began with just a woman in a greenhouse. But then, it became interesting to me that she would have a greenhouse so big, it would have two floors and that she would need to ascend stairs to reach a gigantic plant creation. The use of visual clues to the brand: giraffes... anagrams... is far wilder and bolder. I genuinely don't think consumers will have seen anything like this campaign before. It works in such an original way.”

Alexander Kalchev, chief creative officer at DDB Paris, said: “In the aftermath of the pandemic, we all have new appreciation for being able to spend time with friends, travel and treat ourselves. And we wanted to draw on that in the campaign, by celebrating moments of pleasure spent together, as well as elevating small moments you can have at home. Of course, working with Miles brings a wonderful richness and detail to the storytelling, which we hope will draw the viewer deliciously into Glenmorangie’s universe.”

A group drink Glenmorangie cocktails around the fortune teller's table in the new campaign.

To mark the launch of the new campaign in the UK, Glenmorangie will be running the ‘Wonder Hotline’, an immersive pop-up phone box, in London's Spitalfields Market from 15–19 November. On stepping inside the bright orange phone box, visitors will answer a series of questions and their answers will direct them to a local drinking hot spot (participating venues including the Cocktail Trading Company, Coupette and Milroy's) to enjoy a free Glenmorangie cocktail.

Playing pinball at the bar in the "It"s kind of delicious and wonderful" campaign.