Honouring Mister Sam

New whisky honours legacy
By Rob Allanson
It would be safe to call Sam Bronfman, ‘Mister Sam,’ to those who knew him, the founder of the modern day distilled spirits industry. It was Mister Sam who turned a failing Seagram’s Distillery into the most successful distilled spirits company in the world. His obsession with quality and innovation led to new blending techniques for brown spirits that survive to this day in whiskies as disparate as Chival Regal, The Glenlivet, Four Roses and Crown Royal. It was Mister Sam who created Crown Royal for the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizbeth to Canada in 1939. Crown Royal went on to become one of the best known and best selling Canadian whisky of all time. In the 1940s, Sazerac’s owners became one of the first distributors of Seagram’s brands in the US. Sazerac Corporation now owns some of Seagram’s most famous brands, including Seagram’s V.O., Seagram’s Five Star, and Seagram’s ’83.

In tribute to Mister Sam, Sazerac is introducing an annual release of 1200 bottles of an ultra-premium blend of some of his most exclusive Canadian and American whiskies. Bottled at 66.9%, Mister Sam Tribute Whisky will sell for $250 US.