Scapa Reborn

By Rob Allanson
Orcadian malt Scapa is being reborn this month as a luxurious 16 Years Old, thanks to the availability of precious older whiskies.Formerly aged 14 years, the island whisky also has an elegant new look that is a contemporary reflection of its Orkney heritage.Neil Macdonald, brand director for malts at Chivas Brothers, explained:“Scapa has long held a special place in the whisky drinker’s heart and this new expression represents another opportunity to experience the beguiling whisky which is Scapa. Like the natural harbour of Scapa Flow where the distillery is located, this malt is a ‘safe haven’ for those wishing to explore the intriguing world of island malts thanks to its light,unpeated, approachable style.” He added:“Since Chivas Brothers acquired Scapa in 2005,we have taken great care to improve the stock profile which means we are now in a position to release this very rare, precious new expression that perfectly showcases Scapa’s unique personality.”