Southwold spirit

The Bramble team mix cocktails with whiskies from the Adnams Copper House Distillery in Suffolk
By Christopher Coates
The Gauntlet, Midnight Marauder and The Repeal Cocktail
The Gauntlet, Midnight Marauder and The Repeal Cocktail
Adnams was established in 1872 and is most well known for its brewery in the small town of Southwold, on the coast of Suffolk. The chairman of the company’s board is Jonathan Adnams, a member of the fourth generation of the Adnams family to brew in Southwold.

Jonathan has worked in the company since 1975, originally in brewery engineering, and has been the driving force behind both the company’s commitment to sustainability and its more recent diversification into spirits. Having built up a sound international reputation for producing quality beer, alongside its management of a number of countryside pubs and inns, Adnams opened its own distillery, Copper House, on the brewery site in 2010.

Under the watchful eye of distillery manager John McCarthy, the same locally sourced cereals used to produce Adnams’ beers are also used to make whisky, vodka and gin. The distillery’s wash is produced in the brewery, using a seven-day fermentation process and proprietary yeast, and then pumped over to the distillery for introduction to the stills.

The whisky-making process at Adnams differs greatly from what’s seen north of the border and, instead, Copper House’s production methods are much more similar to those used by distillers of Bourbon in the USA. This includes the use of a ‘beer stripping’ column, which produces the low wines (95-95% ABV), and a pot still.

The cocktails

The Gauntlet


  • 35ml Adnams Triple Malt

  • 12.5ml St. Germain elderflower liqueur

  • 20ml Lillet Blanc

  • 2 dashes the bitter truth celery bitters

Stir with ice until chilled, strain and serve in a chilled coupe.

Express Sage oils.

Midnight Marauder


  • 40ml Adnams Single Malt

  • 20ml Oloroso sherry

  • 7.5ml maple syrup

  • 2 dashes Dr. Adam Elmegirab's

  • Aphrodite bitters

Stir with ice until chilled, strain and serve in a rocks glass over block ice.

An orange twist.

The Repeal Cocktail


  • 40ml Adnams Rye Malt

  • 15ml Rinquinquin peach aperitif

  • 15ml vanilla syrup

  • 20ml lemon juice

  • 8 red currents

  • 2 dashes Regan’s orange bitters

Shake and serve in a Nick and Nora glass.

A sprig of red currents.

The Whiskies


Triple Malt 47% ABV
Three is a magic number and that’s how many grain types this English whisky is made from. Malted barley, wheat and oats are combined to produce this expression, which is aged in fresh American oak for at least five years.


Rye Malt 47% ABV
This rye is made with grain grown by a farm in Reydon, just a mile or two from the distillery in Southwold. The mash bill is 75 per cent malted rye and 25 malted barley, with the spirit aged in fresh French oak for at least five years.


Single Malt 40% ABV
Produced using East Anglian malted barley, this English single malt is aged in fresh French oak for at least three years.

Other Ingredients

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur 20% ABV

Elderflower petals are macerated in grape neutral spirit. The resultant infusion is blended with sugar to create this liqueur, which is widely available in many supermarkets and shops.

Lillet Blanc 17% ABV

This French aperitif from Bordeaux is made with white wines from the region and fruit brandy, which is aged in oak casks for up to 12 months.

Bitter Truth Celery Bitters 44% ABV

Perfect for adding some fresh, green flavours to cocktails, G&Ts, or vodka sodas, these celery bitters are produced by the celebrated Bitter Truth brand.

Oloroso Sherry 17% ABV

The base wine of this type of sherry is fortified to around 17% ABV, which prevents the survival of yeasts and thus the growth of flor. As a result, Oloroso undergoes oxidative ageing that produces a distinct flavour profile with nutty and dried fruit notes.

Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters 38% ABV

Produced using botanicals with alleged aphrodisiac qualities, these bitters deliver intense coffee, cacao, anise and allspice.

Rinquinquin à la Pêche 15% ABV

This peach liqueur is made using three different types of peach and also peach tree leaves, which are macerated in neutral alcohol and white wine. This is blended with sugar syrup and a herbal concentrate.

Regan’s Orange Bitters 45% ABV

The result of collaboration between Sazerac Company and cocktail expert Gary Regan. These are based on a recipe found by Regan in The Gentleman’s Companion: Being An Exotic Drinking Book (1939).

The Bartender

Jonny Arthur

After working in Aberdeen, Jonny moved to Scotland's capital to work in Bramble’s sister bar The Last Word Saloon in Stockbridge. Moving to Bramble at the start of 2017, he has subsequently excelled in numerous industry tournaments and become well known for his terrible taste in shirts. Thankfully, his palate is spot on when it comes to crafting cocktails.

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