Talisker launches new visitor experience on Isle of Skye

The opening was marked by the arrival of Todd Edgily and Katie Tunn
The Made by the Sea Tasting Experience
The Made by the Sea Tasting Experience
Talisker Distillery has announced the opening of a new visitor experience, following a multi-million pound investment. The opening was marked by the arrival of record-breaking wild swimmer Ross Edgley and Skye-based artist and conservationist Katie Tunn.

The pair were welcomed by Barbara Smith, Managing Director of Diageo’s Scotland Brand Homes, before looking round the reimagined visitor experience ahead of its 5 August launch.

The renovation of the distillery comes as part of Diageo’s £185 million investment in Scotland’s Scotch whisky tourism.

The new visitor experience gives guests three different tours: The first, The Talisker Distillery Tour, is where many rooms at the iconic site are explored, including the production room, mash house and still house, followed by the tasting of the famous single malt.

The Made by the Sea Tasting Experience invites guests on a journey through a multi-sensory tasting session, as well as an informative guide on the distillery’s history. The Talisker Cask Draw and Tasting Experience, which is opening at a later date, offers guests the opportunity to visit Talisker’s maturation warehouse.

Barbara Smith said on the new experience: “Talisker is inseparable from the unique Isle of Skye landscape and its whisky inherently shaped by the sea and landscape that surrounds it. Our new brand home celebrates that deep connection with the sea and Talisker’s commitment to preserving the wonderful marine environment in Scotland and around the world.

“From the tours to the bars and retail space, there’s so much to experience at Talisker whether you’ve travelled two miles or two hundred miles to be there, and whether you’re already familiar with this wonderful whisky, or discovering it for the first time.”

Two bars and a retail space packed with local products complete the new Talisker experience, creating a place where both tourists and Skye residents can gather. Local artists, crafts and trades people have been employed where possible during the build and, in planning, the team looked at the businesses already operating in the local area and ensured that the Talisker offering complements existing businesses.

Ross Edgley commented on his visit: “It’s impossible to visit Skye and not feel like you’re on an adventure, it just oozes out of the place. Anyone visiting here absolutely needs to make a visit to Talisker part of that. What you’ve got here is a truly unique whisky experience in a stunning setting, with its opportunity to get out into the wild and come back here to one of the many tastings and tours, there are so many reasons to keep returning to this beautiful island.”

Tours can be booked by following this link.