There's an app for...

By Rob Allanson
Choosing a Single Malt Scotch Whisky for yourself can be intimidating.There's so much choice but not much clear information. And the head-scratching really starts when you want to buy the perfect single malt for someone else - perhaps as a generous gift.Where do you begin? You want your gift to be appreciated. You want it to show you've taken trouble to choose the right bottle. Above all you want it to delight, not disappoint. But how do we know what our relatives, friends or colleagues really enjoy and value? Now there's a way out of this maze just in time to make our Christmas gift-buying a bit easier.The 'Malt Matcher' is a new tool launched by drinks giant Diageo, that cuts through the mystifying array of brands, regions, flavours and age statements that often face the single malt Scotch whisky buyer.The Malt Matcher allows you to easily match a single malt to the individual tastes of your family, friends or colleagues. It means you can choose the right single malt with far greater confidence and, at the same time, demonstrate just how much thought you've put into it.Available online at or as a free iPhone app available to download from the iTunes store.