Unapologetically enjoyed

The Singleton is showcasing a new kind of whisky tasting
By Phoebe Calver
Singleton, humour and food
Singleton, humour and food
Summer this year has been all about the great experiences on offer, as let’s face it, it certainly hasn’t been about the weather, and The Singleton sure provided an experience.

The event, run by the British Diageo team, was the first in a series of supper clubs, designed to bringing humility and humour to the world of whisky cocktails and gourmet dining experiences.

Supper with a Side of Humour is lead by Ervin Trykowski, The Singleton global brand ambassador, who explains the thinking and process behind the event, “I’ve been involved in my current role with the brand for two years and it’s not very often that you get to do a whisky dinner like that.

“We were aware that it’s easy to lose track of the fact that people are out for dinner, trying to enjoy some delicious food, drink and conversation, so you almost don’t want to interject too much on their evening. We wanted to break the traditional stereotypes of a whisky tasting, by introducing people to our spirit in a fun and interesting way.”

It is very easy to stick within the well defined lines that we know and love when it comes to whisky pairings; a post dinner whisky and cheese combination, or perhaps something a little sweeter is to your taste. We all know what to expect from that… maybe we’ve become a little too comfortable?

Evenings like this could become the recognisable face of whisky ‘experiences’ as the industry grows, evolves and perhaps becomes more approachable for newcomers.

Ervin continues, “It was a great and casual environment to bring people into the world of whisky and we often find that The Singleton is the brand best-used to achieve that. We want our whisky to be unapologetically enjoyed, throwing off conventional shackles of Scotch. We won’t be a brand that dictates to you how you should be drinking your whisky, but instead we’ll offer suggestions. It’s welcoming and I think that is what this event did so well, it was a safe and inviting space to discover amazing whisky, without
being patronised.”

Creation of a perfect partnership

In order to create the perfect menu for the event, the team needed to recruit the palate of Holborn Dining Room’s award-winning chef, Calum Franklin.

“I work with the brand all the time, so when we’re bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, like Calum’s, I like to let them take the lead and see how they approach it,” adds Ervin. “He got to know the liquid and developed a menu from that; at that point I joined in on the party, took one look at the menu and knew exactly the drinks I wanted to create.

“He’d thought about the flavour profiles in The Singleton and subsequently the style of food that would be right, cooking up some cool, nostalgic classics. Then of course, to really dial up the atmosphere after providing four delicious drinks and a three course meal, we brought in comedian, Jack Barry.”

The brand’s take on a whisky tasting isn’t exactly a conventionally single malt thing to do, however, it fits perfectly with their ethos and the idea that there is nothing wrong with trying to change the perceptions associated with single malt, as Ervin explains, “I’m not saying that pushing water uphill is the right expression to use here, but we are battling with 20 years of history, so initiating dinners and environments like this are completely necessary if we want to change or develop opinions. It has been a lot of fun being able to showcase Scotch’s versatility, even between the three age variants in our liquid, we have amazingly different profiles to sculpt drinks around and it has been a lot of fun showcasing that.”

Let’s take a look at the menu…

Supper with a side of humour


Tinned salmon & toast or sandwiches

The Singleton whisky cured salmon and asparagus terrine topped with pickled shallot rings and caviar on a toasted rye miniature bagel with sliced pickled gherkins.


Potted summer vegetables, aubergine caviar, rye bagel

Potted summer vegetable terrine with aubergine caviar on a miniature rye bagel with green sauce.

Paired with...

The Singleton Seaside Soda

The Singleton 12 Years Old, chip shop cordial, lemon soda and caperberry garnish.


Curry pie & chips

Slow cooked curried lamb shoulder, onion and potato pie wrapped in a pithivier-style domed shortcrust pie case, served with a mango salsa and chip shop curry sauce in jugs. Accompanied with confit potato chips.


Vegetarian curry pie & chips

Curried root vegetable pie wrapped in a pithivier-style domed shortcrust pie case, served with a mango salsa and chip shop curry sauce in jugs. Accompanied with confit potato chips.

Paired with...

The Singleton Trade Route

The Singleton 15 Years Old, pineapple and turmeric sugar, Angostora bitters.


Jelly & ice cream

The Singleton infused jelly dome suspending summer berries inside it and sat on a hazelnut ice cream and with a Genoise sponge sandwich.

Paired with...

The Singleton Scotch Mist

The Singleton 18 Years Old on the rocks, blackcurrant jelly, tonka ice cream and a cherry on top.