By John Rose

Under the hammer

Now you can find both of John Rose's superb articles about collecting whisky in one place. In collections,he looks at some of the latest bottles to come up at auction. In questions,he fields your enquiries
Distillation Glenmorangie Distillery,Coy,Tain,Rossshire.
1993.Bottled by the proprietor, 70 cl
Strength 46 % Vol
Presentation Label signed by the distillery manager
and Rebecca Stephens,bottle number also stated.
Comment On the 17th May 1993 Rebecca Stephens
was the first woman toreach the summit of Everest.Ten
years later in 2003,to celebrate the 10th anniversary of
Rebecca's achievement and the 50th anniversary of the
first ascent of Everest by Hillary & Tenzing,408 bottles
werefilled byhand and sold for charity
Price Guide £300 - £350
Distillation Linkwood Distillery,Elgin,Morayshire.
Bottled by the proprietor.75 cl
Strength 40 % Vol.
PresentationWhite coloured embossed screw cap
black letters,tall clear glass bottle,main label white
background black and gold letters,rear label white
background black and gold letters
Comment This Linkwoodwas produced in
the 1980s
Price Guide £180 - £220
Distillation Glen Grant Distillery,Rothes,
Morayshire.Bottled by Peter Thomson 26 2/3 fl ozs
Strength 70 Proof
PresentationWhite coloured embossed plastic
screw cap black letters,dumpy square clear glass
bottle,main label white and grey background
sketch of two highlanders in the centre,black and
grey letters
Comment This Glen Grant 8 years old was
produced in the 1970s
Price Guide £80 - £120GLEN ELGIN 19 YEAR S OLD
Distillation Glen Elgin Distillery,Longmorn,Elgin,
Morayshire.Bottled by the proprietor.70 cl
Strength 60.0 % Vol.Cask strength
Presentation Plain silver coloured foil capsule over cork
stopper,main label white background black letters,
bottle number in pencil at the top
Comment This Glen Elgin 19 year old was one of 750
bottles produced to commemorate 100 years of
production at the distillery 1900 - 2000
Price Guide £150 - £175
Distillation Macallan Distillery,Craigellachie,Banffshire.
1961 bottled by the proprietor.70 cl
Strength 40 % Vol
Presentation Plain black coloured foil capsule over
cork stopper,tall clear glass bottle,main label coloured
transfer sketch of a highland character,bottle number at
the bottom.Rear label also a transfer with black letters
Comment This Macallan was one of 5,000 bottles
specially selected by F.A.Newlands to commemorate
the 35th anniversary of the Private EyeMagazine.A
miniaturebottle was also produced
Price Guide £300 - £350
Distillation Tamnavulin - Glenlivet Distillery,Ballindalloch,
Banffshire.Bottled by the proprietor,750 ml
Strength 40 % Vol
Presentation Plain black coloured plastic capsule over
screw cap,8 years old in gold letters embossed on the
neck.Square dumpy clear glass bottle,main label
gold background,black and white letters,rear
label gold background white and black letters
Comment This Tamnavulin - Glenlivet 8 years old
was produced in the 1980s
Price Guide £150 - £175