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What's New on the Shelf

What's coming up in the whisky book world
By Rupert Wheeler
There are some really good books coming out in the near future and the first one of which is Ian Buxton’s third in his 101 series. 101 Legendary Whiskies will be published on 28 August. Towards the end of the year Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison’s (regular contributors to Whisky Magazine) first book together Distilled is due out on 6 October and its subtitled ‘From absinthe and brandy to vodka and whisky, the world's finest artisan spirits unearthed, explained and enjoyed.’ We will be reviewing this in issue 123. And finally the book to beat all books and one of the best books on the subject, Dave Broom’s World Whisky Atlas new edition will be published on 6 October.

101 Legendary Whiskies

Ian Buxton

ISBN 9781472210678

Bookclub offer: £12.00 plus P&P

(RRP: £14.99)

The third book in Ian Buxton’s 101 series is a must-have for whisky connoisseurs, introducing readers to some of the rarest, the finest and the most expensive whiskies in the world. These drams may be extraordinarily hard to find, impossible to buy or literally the sole survivor of a long- lost distillery – some are even priceless – but for the first time ever, they are assembled here to ‘savour.’ Some of the Ferraris of whisky, luxury thoroughbreds beyond the reach of all but the most fortunate, discerning and wealthy of enthusiasts and collectors. Some are whisky’s equivalent to the Model T Ford, once ubiquitous, but now rendered exceptional by the passage of time.

Ian Buxton is a contributor to Whisky Magazine and was the former Marketing Director of Glenmorangie. He was elected a Keeper of the Quaich in 1991.

Let Me Tell You About Whisky

Neil Ridley & Gavin D Smith

ISBN 9781862059658

Bookclub offer: £13 plus P&P

(RRP: £16.99)

There have been a lot of primer books about whisky in recent years, but not one with such detailed and all encompassing scope. The book assumes that the reader has no prior whisky knowledge and clearly explains the processes that go in to making whisky. In the opening sections, and using some lovely illustrations, the writers take the story of how whisky began and demystify some of the common myths about whisky. The writers also offer practical advice, useful when faced with a daunting shop full of malts and blends.

There is advice on how to nose, taste and savour, how to organize a whisky tasting, which glassware to use, as well as a selection of classic whisky cocktails and advice on matching food and whisky. The book covers not just famous Highland malts, Irish pot still whiskeys and American but also other producing countries, ranging from Wales through to Taiwan.

The World Atlas of Whisky

Dave Broom

ISBN 97818455335410

Bookclub offer: £24 plus P&P

(RRP: £30)

If you only had one book on your shelf this would be the one; this is the one stop shop for information about the whisky world.

This lavish tome is beautifully illustrated and written with the passion and clarity that many readers of Whisky Magazine have come to expect from Broom.

Shackleton’s Whisky

Neville Peat

ISBN 9781848093904

Bookclub offer: £13 plus P&P

(RRP: £16.99)

Ernest Shackleton is best known for his heroic expeditions and rarely consumed alcohol. On his expedition to the Antarctica in 1907 he took with him 25 cases of whisky and in 2010 three cases of the whisky were recovered. Three bottles were returned to Whyte & Mackay where they were sent for near replication. This is their story.

Canadian Whisky

Davin de Kergommeaux

ISBN 9780771027437

Bookclub offer: £12 plus P&P

(RRP: £15.99)

This is a well researched and passionate book expounding the intricacies of Canadian whisky; often overlooked and dismissed by people. Davin has exploded that myth and he takes the reader on a journey of discovery, delving into production methods, tasting notes and the histories of the great companies and brands.