Whisky Magazine Photo Challenge

Dig out your cameras and polish your lenses
By Rupert Wheeler
Last year’s entrants to our photographic challenge managed to walk, crawl, crouch and wait patiently with their tripods and cameras for the ultimate moment before pressing the shutter. Some of their outstanding results are featured on these pages to help spur you into action for this year. Whether you shoot on a phone or use the latest digital camera, capturing that precise moment in time on film or in a digital image has not changed since the conception of photography; it's all in those breathless moments leading up to commitment. Blink, and you have missed it; not enough preparation, and the image will never be what you want. It will be this tenacity that the judges are looking for in this year's competition. With the inclusion of Instagram (all those darkroom skills that took ages to learn now bundled into an easy to use program) and mobile phone pictures, the emphasis will fall once more on those entrants who show a great eye for a cracking photo. All we ask is that photos are of suitable size and quality and 300dpi is best.

The winner will receive a mixed case of six bottles of whisky.

The closing date for entries is March 31, 2015. How to enter Upload your photos and find the competition rules at: