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George T.Stagg
By Rob Allanson
Coconut, mom’s apple and pear pie with cinnamon. Highly aromatic, cigar dipper and very big
Charles MacLean Powerful alcohol and initial spice. Persimmon, orange notes detectable, but finishes with a whisper
William Dowd Concentrated flavours, rich, full, robust, spicy cinnamon, prune, pepper.Finishes even with dilution to 40% the alcohol bite is still pronounced
LeNell Deep mahogany hue, pronounced aroma of oak, tobacco & vanilla.Very rich flavor profile – cinnamon, dried orange peel, spearmint, star anise, dark chocolate and toasted coconut. The finish is long and intense, very dry and oaky Mike Miller Surprisingly restrained and attractive on the nose, with rich fresh plums and pears, honey and vanilla. Magnificent blend of candy, fruits, hints of spice, cocoa and tobacco pouch. Finishes like a Pink Floyd encore. Big, brash, colourful and goes on and on. Totally loveable. An unforgettable blockbuster
Canadian Blended no age – Canadian Club Reserve
Canadian Blended no age – Crown Royal Cask No.16
Bourbon 7 and under – Baker’s
Bourbon 8 and over – George T.Stagg
Bourbon no age – Four Roses Single Barrel
Wheat no age – Bernheim Original Wheat
Rye no age – Russell’s Reserve Rye whiskeyCATEGORY WINNERS
World’s Best Canadian Blended Whisky – Canadian Club Reserve
World’s Best Bourbon Whiskey – George T.Stagg
World’s Best Wheat Whiskey – Bernheim Wheat
World’sBest Rye Whiskey – Russell’sReserveRye whiskey