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World's Best Blended Malt Whisky

By Rob Allanson
Wow! Boom! A standout even in this company.Citrus, specifically grapefruit
Charles Cowdrey Fruit and heavy perfume, aged, thick, frest vinyl. Fruit taste and shortish finish
Charles MacLean Vanilla, biscuit, alcohol sneaks out. Tad too rich with lusher, sweeter front and then oak comes through on dry finish. Finishes on flapjacks, butterscotch, then hit of wood and left with alcohol bite, even diluted
LeNell Sweet tinned pears, crystallised pineapples on the nose.Asummer fireworks display of a palate, all sparkling, zesty and sweet with citrus fruits, aniseed.Finishes with sweetness and aniseed – like those little coloured bits you sometimes get given at the end of an Indian meal. A wacky and wonderful whisky – a trend-setting delight
Dominic Roskrow