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World's Best Blended Whisky

Suntory Hibiki 30 years old
By Rob Allanson
Deep fruity, rancio, aged cedar wood, toffee. Taste is sweet with some hard wood sawdust developing
Charles MacLean Rich nose. Definite oakiness with touches of thyme, cinnamon. Very balanced dram.
William Dowd Nose shows clean, orange marmalade, medium intensity, fruity fading into spice and pepper. Sweet citrus fruit with bittersweet chocolate/coffee. Dry, light to medium body. Hint of smoke at back end. Touch of white pepper bite. Finishes on dried orange peel bitterness
LeNell Pleasant reddish hue and enticing malty/sherry nose. Complex, dense and well layered with notes of dried fruits, almonds, caramel, chicory and cinnamon, it finishes fairly dry and has seen some serious wood time
Mike Miller Rich and full nose, with blackberry and raspberry notes. The palate is wood up front, suggesting age, then a wonderful mix of currants, spices and oak, all beautifully checked and balanced.Wonderful and long finish
Dominic Roskrow