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World's Best Grain Whisky

Compass Box Hedonism
By Rob Allanson
Citrussy and grassy. Orange, lime. Lemonade soda.Abig whiff of vanilla. Drying hay. Very smooth and refreshing. A slight sherbety feel on the tongue.The finish is short but clean and sweet. A well structured and balanced dram
Martine Nouet Very light in colour with nice light grain on the nose. This whisky is light and refreshing with perfect balance of subleties – bready, toffee, green tea, butter cookie, and lemongrass. Smooth and well balanced finish with lingering grain notes
Mike Miller Black liquorice candy
Charles Cowdrey Elegant creation with a gentle structure. Rye, sweet grassy notes with herbal dirt as well. Very good
William Dowd The nose shows Tutti fruitti ice cream, pecan pie, butterscotch.The palate is sharper and spicier than the nose, with banana skin and under-ripe peach. Ordered, rounded and pleasant finish. Some people are predicting single grains could be the next big thing.This is a fine example. The nose gives it plenty to live up to.
Dominic Roskrow