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World's Best Whisky Liqueur

Wild Turky American Honey
By Rob Allanson
The nose offers spicy oranges, lemons and cinnamon, like a warmhouse on a winter’s day when mum has been baking citrus pies.This is not a cloying liqueur like some on the market but still has a viscous mouthfeel. The spirit glides around the mouth imparting sweet notes of vanilla and citrus.The bourbon is there if you search for it, but it has been tamed a little by the addition of bags of spices and honey.At 71 Proof you get an extremely long and satisfying finish with very little alcoholic burn, but you do get that lovely warming feeling inside.The addition of real honey gives this liqueur a real heart of sweetness that is difficult to resist.Guaranteed to melt any opposition offered by even the most vocal naysayers of whisky liqueurs Rob Allanson