21 Years Old

ABV 43%
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Brand: Auchentoshan
Expression: 21 Years Old
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: 21 years old
Year of bottling: 2008
ABV: 43%
Country/Region: Scotland / Lowland
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: A big hit of nuts but with a sweet fudge note. Almost Snickers bars,but there is a spiced edge to it as well.
Palate: Spiceyness continues on the palate with a bitterness. A hint of Dove soap, but not in a bad way.
Finish: Solid with chocolate tones.
Comment: A fairly substantial whisky that delivers what you expect.
Taster   Dave Broom
Nose: Edgy. Toffee and caramel. Dry on top but ripe fruits beneath. Dry coconut. Again a real fresh nuttiness this time coupled with extra spiciness.
Palate: Immediate vibrancy but there's a slightly soapy,perfumed note underneath. Crisp and malty. Into fruitand nut chocolate and just a little soapy vibrant with a perfumed underneath crisp malty notes.
Finish: The perfume comes back.
Comment: Nose is very promising,not sure about the palate.
Visit the distillery
Auchentoshan Distillery, Dalmuir, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, Lowland, Scotland
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