Ben Bracken

Islay Single Malt

ABV 40%
REVIEWED Issue 145
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Expression: Islay Single Malt
Type: Scotland Whisky / Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
Year of bottling: 2017
ABV: 40%
Country/Region: Scotland / Islay
Bottling type: Independent Bottling
Tasting notes
Taster   Mark Newton
Nose: Gorgeously sweet peat, and slides into the medicinal: TCP and iodine. Underneath, heather honey and earthy tones, with toffee and baked apples.
Palate: Not as pleasant. The peat is ashier, drier; the sweetness is milder. Vegetative, mossy and brackish. Brine. Light olive oil. Honey and apples, but lingers in that earthy place.
Finish: Warming, but very short and dry – it’s not that balanced, and suffers for it.
Comment: What was promising ended a bit of a disappointment. Something good here, but lacks clout.
Taster   Laura Foster
Nose: The peat is strong with this one. Hospital corridors, cough sweets, coal embers and burning mosquito coils. Bamboo shoots, chopped almonds and walnuts with fruity nectarine pits and raspberries.
Palate: Very ashy. Like scooping soil into your mouth and washing down with burnt coffee. Vanilla pod and powdery dark chocolate. Silky/oily mouthfeel, slides over the tongue.
Finish: Short and dry. Gravelly. That and cocoa powder.
Comment: Earthy and fruity at the same time.
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