Colonel E. H. Taylor

Straight Kentucky Rye Whisky

ABV 50%
REVIEWED Issue 122
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Brand: Colonel E. H. Taylor
Expression: Straight Kentucky Rye Whisky
Type: USA Whisky / Bourbon
Age: No Age Statement
Year of bottling: 2014
ABV: 50%
Country/Region: USA / Kentucky
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Chris Goodrum
Nose: A huge toffee hit! Sweet toffee coated flambé banana, marzipan, fat corn and a light rye spice note which just about stops it from being too sweet.
Palate: Soft and full with plenty of sweet, sugary, caramelised dried fruit, fat corn and lightly peppery spice. Polished and intense with a serious alcohol bite.
Finish: An intense and earthy finish, with hints of violet and the spicy rye finally coming through. The oak dries and adds some bitter chocolate, but it’s a seriously impressive finale!
Comment: What can you say? Classy. I’d buy it for the finish alone!
Taster   Joel Harrison
Nose: Thyme, black pepper, deep brown sugars, molasses and ever such a dusty, musty back note.
Palate: The vanilla comes through on the palate, providing a chance for some fruits such as gooseberry and quince to play a role, but the overriding oak spices unbalance the fruits, leaving a lime pickle bitterness to this sample.
Finish: Lots of oak and lime. Sour cherry.
Comment: Too bitter for me. Needs more sweetness in it, but then again, who doesn't.
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