Old Fitzgerald

Fall 2018 Edition, Aged 9 Years

ABV 45%
REVIEWED Issue 155
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Brand: Old Fitzgerald
Expression: Fall 2018 Edition, Aged 9 Years
Type: USA Whisky / Bourbon
Age: 9 years old
Year of bottling: 2018
ABV: 45%
Country/Region: USA / Kentucky
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Rob Allanson
Nose: Ah am back to motorbikes again, warming tyres, heated gloves and that hot, wet tarmac smell. Warming radiators, cherry flavoured cough sweets, plenty of fresh shaved oak too. Hot buttered corn bread and honey.
Palate: Takes all the sweetness of the nose and throws a ton of spice at it. Deep fried chillies stuffed with cream cheese. Cherry pipe tobacco. A little savoury edge, roast chicken skin.
Finish: Sweet with griddled sweetcorn and chilli honey.
Comment: Solid and a brilliant Bourbon.
Taster   Lyndsey Gray
Nose: Currently listening to AC/DC – couldn’t be more appropriate. Worn leather, hot rubber tyres and corn on the cob. A burst of sweet apple pie and whipped cream, maraschino cherries and cola cubes.
Palate: Full of sweetness, toasted almonds, Dr Pepper and marshmallows. Then hot spices of star anise, jalapeno peppers and tobacco. Hints of cinnamon, raw carrots and beetroot.
Finish: Think picklebacks. In a good way.
Comment: A see saw of flavours in near perfect harmony.
Visit the distillery
Stitzel-Weller (Closed 1991) Distillery, Fitzgerald Road, Shively, KY, USA
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