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Brand: Penderyn
Expression: Myth
Type: Wales Whisky / Single Malt
Age: No Age Statement
Year of bottling: 2016
ABV: 41%
Country/Region: Wales
Bottling type: Standard (Distillery or blended)
Tasting notes
Taster   Laura Foster
Nose: Lemony – specifically sorbet and sherbets with cut grass, malted barley and a genever-like note too.
Palate: Delicate, distinct vanilla ice cream and vanilla pod, lemon peel, bon bons and white flowers with barley and peppery heat.  
Finish: Delicacy results in a shorter finish of buttered banana bread.
Comment: Reminiscent of playing in cut grass on a summer’s day with a pocket full of sweets. Seems relatively young, with strong American Oak influence. I’d be interested to see this liquid with more years on it.
Taster   Mark Newton
Nose: Floral, with a new-make, metallic undertone. Cut grass, melons and vanilla. Golden syrup over stewed apples. A maltiness and vegetative quality manifests as fruit fades.
Palate: Vanilla, with honey, bananas, grapefruit and green tea. Black pepper and cinnamon, then earthy, grassy tones. The texture is pleasant.
Finish: Straightforward, green apples, buttermilk, pepper and grass.
Comment: Something curious – perhaps it’s the casks? But it pulls through.
Visit the distillery
Welsh Whisky Company Distillery, Penderyn Distillery, Pontpren, Penderyn, Aberdare, R.C.T, Wales
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